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Artisanal workmanship


All our delicacies are made by hand, according to the same preparation times and techniques used in Sicilian artisanal tradition.

A cultural and historic heritage that is kept alive every day through the love and experience our master confectioners have for good food. Age-old delicacies that will win over the hearts and palate of all who taste them. The culinary arts of yesteryear, today, tomorrow and always.


We can’t get enough of the soft feel and fragrance of the doughs and mixtures our master confectioners make every day, transforming the simplest ingredients into something extraordinary. Whether it’s mouth-watering almond pastes, moreish crunchy nougat or delicious Colomba cakes and panettone, the main ingredient is always the same: love.


Every product that arrives on your table is the fruit of the boundless passion we’ve always had for good things. It’s just like having a child: the pride in seeing them grow is one of the sweetest satisfactions you can ever have. Just like our light and fragrant baked goods, made using sour dough yeast, and leavened naturally for at least 24 hours. Sweet delicacies that you just won’t be able to resist.


Good things take time and lots of love. All qualities that we use in our recipes to make you fall head over heels at first bite. Special delicacies that are lovingly baked in the warm embrace of our ovens to enhance the flavours and release their intoxicating fragrance.


Whether it’s a fine layer of frosting, a perfectly toasted almond or an artfully crafted decoration, we believe that it’s the little things that really make a difference. Attention to details, big and small, that will delight your eyes long before your palate. A meticulous process carried out by our master confectioners, who lovingly transform works of art into tasteful masterpieces to devour with your eyes.


From practical resealable packs of paste and nuts, to elegant panettoni boxes, our carefully selected packaging ensures each products will always arrive at your table as fresh and fragrant as when it left our kitchen. And they’re all packaged by hand, one by one. It’s something we like to take a lot of care with, so you know you can always purchase from us with confidence.

Spedizione gratuita in Italia per acquisti superiori ai 34€.