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About us


Sapurhi di Sicilia

The modern expression of an antique tradition.

You only have to take one taste of our products to know who we are: a young Sicilian artisanal company that selects and processes excellent ingredients that we then transform into exquisite traditional specialities and confectionary.

A small and welcoming workshop in the heart of Adrano, on the slopes of Mount Etna, where every product is the result of in-depth knowledge and meticulous attention to detail that has turned a passion into a renowned brand.


Passion and artisanal workmanship. Good old-fashioned habits.

From the knowledgeable hands and minds of those who tell the story of Sicily through its bounty of delicious products, we give life to artisanal confectionary products that are made with the same love and care as they were in the past. Exquisite delicacies that take you back in time, when everything had that special flavour and even the smallest sweet treat gave you unforgettable emotions. The new flavours of days gone by.

Artisanal workmanship


The new flavours of days gone by.

From almond paste to crunchy brittles, from creams to Colomba, the Italian Easter cake, every day, we strive to create unique products that pay homage to the flavours and traditions of our land, selecting only premium quality ingredients and processing techniques that enhance the flavours and fragrance to the full. It’s the only way we can really know we’re offering our customers with the guarantee of purchasing tasty, healthy genuine products.

The ingredients


Sicily. A land of rare sweetness.

We love everything about our land: from the intense, bright colours, to the inebriating flavour of its fruits.

Wonders that, if they had wings, could be represented by a colourful parrot, a bird that can cross every confine, choosing the best food wherever it flies.

Exactly like Sapurhi, which selects only the very best ingredients, bringing the flavours and variegated cultures of our unique island to the world, fusing them together to give life to foods of extraordinary quality.


An entire range of delicious products and a trolley to buy them all is just a click away!

Ours is a journey into the authentic flavours of Sicilian tradition. Delicacies you can purchase in our online store at appetising prices.

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